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Carlos Fernández

Vice President

Carlos Fernández is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech. He received a B.S. (2018) and M.S. (2020) in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. His current research interests are in techno economic modeling for decarbonized fertilizer production technologies and the intersection of engineering, equity, and policy. Additionally, Carlos is involved in a project to develop efficient electrochemical CO2 conversion to high-value fuels. He is interested in improving the integration of electrochemical systems with intermittent energy sources and understanding the large-scale interaction between electrochemical fuel production and the energy and water giga-systems. 


Carlos’ master’s thesis was published in the Journal of the Electrochemical Society, and chosen as an editor’s choice article, and given the Sigma Xi best thesis award. This publication has been downloaded approximately 10,000 times, making it among the most read for the journal. Further, Carlos’ contributions to research in electrochemical engineering and materials for carbon capture have advanced these subject areas at Georgia Tech, and in the field in general. He has been recognized for the sustainability impacts of his work by being named a Georgia Tech Institute for Materials Graduate Student Fellow, Novelis Scholar, and a Brook Byers Institute of Sustainable Systems Graduate Fellow. Carlos is part of the inaugural Student Leadership Council at CASFER and currently serves as SLC Vice President. 

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