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Wastewater Treatment Plant




According to Friends of the KAW, "If you live in a town or city, all of this water flows through the sewer system, ending up at your local Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), to be cleaned up and discharged into a river or stream.

"WWTPs are normally located close to a river or stream for two reasons: having the plant in a low-lying area allows the sewer system to use gravity to help deliver the wastewater to the treatment plant, and it positions the treatment plant to discharge the treated wastewater (referred to as effluent) into the river or stream.

"Once the wastewater enters the plant, it goes through various stages of treatment, depending on the city and the composition of the wastewater. Some areas demand advanced treatment to remove waste that is resistant to conventional treatments."

CASFER works closely with WWTPs, as they provide us with the sludge that we use to conduct several of our experiments. CASFER hopes to incorporate WWTPs into the Nitrogen Circular Economy.

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