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Olatunde Akanbi

Líder de Educación y Divulgación

Olatunde Akanbi is a Masters student in Material Science and Engineering at Case Western Reserve University. He obtained his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and Engineering in 2014. Olatunde is currently conducting research under Dr. Roger French  at the Solar Durability Lifetime Extension lab (SDLE), focusing on geospatial-temporal modeling. He is also a valuable member of the SDLE-Infrastructure team, where he works on High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems, builds apps and tools, and maintains Docker/Singularity containers.

Olatunde's previous work experience has been in applied data science, cloud computing and computer networks, and he is a certified AWS Solution Architect. During his undergraduate studies, he completed a thesis on the design and implementation of a mobile Information System. Olatunde has also worked as an AWS Cloud engineer for the DCLM IT team, managing web infrastructure across 14 countries.

Olatunde is a member of the Student Leadership Council at CASFER and currently serves as SLC Education and Outreach Lead. Olatunde's research interests lie in the intersection of data science, computer science, and sustainability, and he hopes to continue making impactful contributions to these fields. 

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