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Hyuck Choi

Career Development Lead

Hyuck Joo Choi is a Ph.D. student in the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department of Georgia Institute of Technology. He received a B.S.E (2022) in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and a B.A. (2022) in Chemistry at the University of Pennsylvania. He developed an interest in circular economies and was awarded the Molstad/Seider 1st Place Award for the chemical process system design of the depolymerization of PET to terephthalic acid and ethyl glycol.

Hyuck is currently conducting research in the Circular Electro-Chemistry Laboratory under the guidance of Dr. Marta A. Hatzell. His research focuses on electrochemical separations using different electrodialysis configurations for the recovery of nitrogen and phosphorus-based nutrients.

Hyuck has always been interested in the construction of a more sustainable energy infrastructure and believes intimate collaboration between researchers, policy makers and industry workers to be essential. He is now a member of the Student Leadership Council and currently serves as the Career Development Lead officer.

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