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Material Science


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Everything is made up of different kinds of materials, whether that is fabric, plastic, ceramic, polymer, and many more. Material science is a branch of engineering that focuses on creating on optimizing the materials that we use everyday.

According to Michigan Technological University, material science and engineering "seeks to understand the fundamental physical origins of material behavior in order to optimize properties of existing materials through structure modification and processing, design and invent new and better materials, and understand why some materials unexpectedly fail. Materials engineers work with a variety of materials, including metals and alloys; ceramics and glasses; polymers; electronic, magnetic, and optical materials; and composites. They also work with many other emerging materials and processes, such as nanomaterials like graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs); biomaterials like artificial tissue and surgical mesh; 3D printing materials; specialized sensors; and smart materials."

CASFER works with several material engineers to ensure that the products we put out are the best that they can possibly be. Our material engineers are constantly reseraching new ways to optimize productivity and further the nitrogen circular economy by manufacturing the proper materials for our engineering systems.

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