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Convergent Research


Science & NCE


According to the National Science Foundation, Convergent research is:

"High-risk/high-payoff research ideas and discovery that pushes the frontiers of engineering knowledge; ERC convergent research is a deeply collaborative and cross/transdisciplinary effort that results in positive societal impact. Convergence blends multiple disciplines in engineering, sciences and social sciences in a coordinated, interdependent way and fosters robust collaborations needed for successful inquiry.

Convergent research approaches require the deep integration of knowledge, tools, and ways of thinking beyond engineering (for example, from the physical, mathematical, life/health sciences, computational sciences, and social sciences, among others). Purposeful team formation is needed for the convergent approach, supported by diversity and a culture of inclusion where all participants are recognized and derive mutual benefits. The convergent approach supports the strong societal impact expected of each ERC."

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