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Thrust 2

Capture and Resource Recovery for NBF Production


Marta Hatzell, PhD 

Thrust 2 Lead

Dr. Hatzell's research focuses on exploring the role photochemistry and electrochemistry may play in future sustainable systems. Learn More


CASFER Thrust 2 researchers are creating modular, electrified, and distributed separation technologies to capture, concentrate and recycle nitrogen-based nutrients (nitrate, ammonium, organic-N) back to the point of use (farm) through selective separations technologies.

Researchers are advancing fundamental knowledge that will lead to the next generation physicochemical and distributed bioengineered selective separation technologies for recovery of nutrients from waste, and recycling of nutrients in soils. 


Researchers are addressing gaps related to selectivity, durability of materials in harsh environment, and scalability. These Thrust 2 efforts will initially be focused on developing separation technologies using point-sources. Thrust 2 will use information gathered from Thrust 1 to serve as a guidebook for implementing the right technology at the right location. Additionally, Thrust 2 will focus on pre-purification of streams to implement in Thrust 3 and on post-separation from sludge (solids) and purification of streams from Thrust 3.

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