Thrust 1

Advanced Modeling, Monitoring & Process Control

CASFER Thrust 1 researchers are developing multidimensional models to support the nitrogen circular economy and to create the advance monitoring network and control algorithms to support the distributed production of NBFs.


Thrust 1 tackles the data-driven spatiotemporal geographic information system (st-GIS) machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) models, basic science sensing, control algorithms, and social and economic challenges associated with distributed NBF and the implementation of the NCE.


st-GIS models, lifecycle, socio-technoeconomic predictive models, and advanced sensing and control algorithms will enable accounting of the benefits of the NCE, and defining holistic approaches to develop a nitrogen waste trading model economy.


Roger French, PhD

Thrust 1 Lead

Dr. French's research focuses on optical properties and electronic structure of optical materials, polymers, and ceramics. 

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