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Thrust 1

Geospatial Data Science Models for Social, Environmental, and Economic Growth

CASFER Thrust 1 researchers are developing multidimensional models (including social, economic, environmental, and policy) to support the nitrogen circular economy and to create the advance monitoring network and control algorithms to support the distributed production of NBFs.


Thrust 1 tackles the data-driven spatiotemporal geographic information system (st-GIS) machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI) models, basic science sensing, control algorithms, and social and economic challenges associated with distributed NBF and the implementation of the NCE.


st-GIS models, lifecycle, socio-technoeconomic predictive models, and advanced sensing and control algorithms will enable accounting of the benefits of the NCE, and defining holistic approaches to develop a nitrogen waste trading model economy.

Thrust 1 will support the Innovation Ecosystem for technologies resulting from Thrusts 2 and 3. In the first five years, Thrust 1 activities will focus on problem-opportunity identification, which includes quantifying fertilizer-nutrient remediation locations while assessing and analyzing policies related to CASFER opportunities. 


Roger French, PhD

Thrust 1 Lead

Dr. French's research focuses on optical properties and electronic structure of optical materials, polymers, and ceramics. 

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