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Welcome to CASFER!

We are thrilled that you get to be a part of the CASFER team, and we can’t wait to work more closely with you. This webpage will guide you through the initial steps needed to access all the information you will need during your tenure with us. Let’s get started!

  • If you are new to CASFER, please have you or your PI send an email to This email should indicate your name, your email address, and your PI. 

  • You will receive an invitation to the CASFER member portal through Atlassian, with 5 business days. Please complete registration and fill out the Onboarding survey, include demographic information requirements set out by the National Science Foundation and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that need to be signed and attached . Detailed instructions are attached here (with visual examples) in the “Member Portal Registration Guide”


  • Invitations to our CASFER seminars and general center meetings will be sent periodically (no futher action is required). Please contact your PI or the Thrust (T) Leaders for specific thrust meetings:  T1 (Roger French) T2 (Marta Hatzell) or T3 (Gerri Botte). For projects meetings please contact each project PI.


  • Upon becoming a member, you should enroll in Slack, which is the main avenue of communication that we use at CASFER. We have different channels in Slack, which you may be invited (you can also join any of the public channels) depending on your research thrust and projects that you are working on. For more detailed information, please see the document attached here, “CASFER Slack Basics”



  • In addition, you may be invited to join Asana, which is our project management program, depending on the projects that you are working on. Please contact your PI, if you believe you should be invited to join Asana. Please contact Christian Alvarez-Pugliese for access request/questions regarding Asana.


From the whole CASFER Leadership Team, we would like to thank you for your hard work and let you know how glad we are that you have joined CASFER. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to your PI or to


Let’s change the world together!

CASFER Administrative Team

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