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Thrust 3

Modular & Distributed NBF Production

CASFER Thrust 3 researchers are developing catalytic technologies to synthesize NBFs and PBFs from recovered and alternative resourcesusing distributed, modular reactors powered with renewable electricity


Researchers are addressing gaps related to

  1. Waste conversion, catalysis toward fertilizers 

  2. Material properties for next generation of catalyst for NBF production while optimizing PBF

  3. Catalytic routes to convert organic waste, “sludge” into chemicals of value not compromise the production of NBF and/or PBF

  4. Catalytic strategies to selectively convert impurities that affect separations technologies in T2

  5. Delivering different formulations of fertilizer (blends, granular, transportation) combined with T2

  6. Evaluation of fertilizer formulations delivered from T3 in the soil chemistry/ plant growth

  7. Protocols to evaluate durability of materials for T3 technologies

  8. Approaches for storage and transportation of fertilizers 

  9. Fertilizer formulations and blending that deliver products in granular form

Botte Portrait 2023.JPG

Gerardine (Gerri) G. Botte, PhD 

Center Director & Thrust 3 Lead

Dr. Botte is a visionary and a recognized leader in electrochemical science and technology with expertise in electrocatalysis of nitrogen compounds.

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