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Inclusion Sessions

The heart and soul of CASFER are the people - the students, the researchers, the staff, everyone who makes CASFER what it is. We believe that the truest measure of CASFER is the success of our people and the impact we make our communities. 

One way in which CASFER strives to establish this success is by promoting and cultivating a culture of inclusion. In order to create this inclusive culture, CASFER provides inclusion sessions twice a year for all CASFER members. These sessions are designed to enable CASFER members with a chance to learn and grow, not only as scholars, but as leaders in their communities. We are all students, eager and willing to learn, and the Inclusion Sessions provide a place to learn about a variety of topics that promotes inclusive participation and acceptance of​ different perspectives and backgrounds.

The Inclusion Sessions are offered online and are completed simultaneously between all parter universities. 


Land, Food, and Freedom: Diversifying the Story of Agriculture in Agricultural Disciplines

Dr. Treya Allen

Dr. Treya Allen discussed the history of agricultural impacts. She provided a deep knowledge base of how agriculture can affect different communities in different ways and how decisions in agriculture can ripple outward. With Dr. Allen's talk, all of CASFER can be more mindful in how we approach agricultural issues and hopefully mitigate negative impacts to marginalized communities.  

Reviewing the Cultural Intelligence Model

Dr. Gilbert Carrasco

Dr. Gilbert Carrasco set out the foundations in topics relating to the Cultural Intelligence Model (CQ). CASFER participants learned how we can take advantage of this framework to create cultural competence, which will ultimately contribute to the mission and the work we do here at CASFER. The CQ model will offer a structured approach to assist our CASFER members comprehend and further cultivate cultural convergence and embrace diverse cultural contexts in an effective manner.

Toy Brain

Stress Management: Navigating Challenges and Overcoming Barriers

Dr. Jennifer Rojas-McWhinney

Dr. Jennifer Rojas-McWhinney discussed mental health and how to navigate the difficulties and stresses of university programs with members of CASFER's Student Leadership Council and other CASFER scholars. This was a collaborative and interactive space, where students could freely discuss and share as they were comfortable, while also learning about ways to navigate stress and anxiety. 

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