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Engineering Workforce Development

Education Outreach Events

CASFER is committed to educational outreach to help with CASFER's goal of teaching the next generation to create and sustain a Nitrogen Circular Economy. CASFER's educational outreach is designed around inspiring and encouraging children, ages K-12, to pursue careers in STEM. We value providing education on practices expanded, educated, and social sustainability.


CASFER is a multi-disciplinary organization, with researchers in nanotechnology, electrochemical science, data science, biology, chemistry, environmental and agricultural science, health science, economics, policy, and engineering; we strive to showcase and explore the different areas of expertise within our educational outreach. 

If you would like your students to participate in any of our educational outreach programs, please contact Zaida Gracia (

Research Experience for Undergraduates

During our summer program, CASFER hosts undergraduate students from across the country to join CASFER laboratories and learn about scientific research under the mentorship of faculty and post-doctoral researchers.


Students work on current CASFER projects, gaining valuable lab experience and understanding of the scientific method. They also participate in a variety of leadership and communication skills training to enable them to become part of the next generation of NCE leaders.

Research Experience for Teachers

CASFER hosts a research experience for K-12 teachers during the summer months. Teachers are able to experience and immerse themselves in a two-month research project at CASFER laboratories to gain firsthand experience in engineering and agricultural sciences.


The program’s goal is to offer a holistic experience, allowing teachers to learn scientific concepts, and the emerging technologies needed to advance the Nitrogen Circular Economy while integrating this knowledge into their classroom.  Teachers receive mentorship in educational concepts to prepare new lesson plans and experiments to use in their classroom, aligned with the curriculum educational standards of their respective states.


Racing into the Future

What does a box car race have anything to do with chemistry?


You'd be surprised! Our 'Racing into the Future' workshop is built upon teaching K-12 students what a chemical engineer does, and some of the basics of electrochemistry, a field that we use every day at CASFER.


Students work in teams during this very hands-on experience activity, to get their racecars ready, fueled by hydrogen contained in water, for the final race!

4-H Tech Changemakers Program

CASFER team members at Florida A&M University spearhead a training program to teach geospatial digital technologies to high school student participants in the national 4-H Program. Through university cooperative extension programs, 4-H Tech Changemakers focuses on training high school students in the use of digital technologies. The students are then assisted in teaching these skills to fellow community members.  A special focus of FAMU's Cooperative Extension Program is outreach to minority clientele.


  CASFER is currently planning a continued collaboration with the FAMU 4-H Tech Changemakers Program with the intention to expand its offerings to other CASFER collaborators and clientele. 


For more information on FAMU's Cooperative Extension programs contact the FAMU Cooperative Extension Office 


For more information on the 4H Tech Changemakers program see Tech Changemakers web site


Powering the Future with Lemons

Lemons are good for more than just lemonade. They can help you learn about batteries and some of the basics of electrochemistry!

Our 'Powering the Future with Lemons' workshop showcases some of the processes of a chemical engineer to K-12 students. It teaches some of the basics of electrochemistry, such as how electricity and batteries work.


Students work in teams during this very hands-on activity, to connect enough lemons to light up a bulb!

Career Day

CASFER has been invited to schools in local areas to demonstrate different career opportunities in engineering and in agriculture.


Our Nitrogen Circular Economy is built around the idea that the next generation will continue our strides toward sustainability. That starts with inspiring the next generation of scholars!


Legacy U

CASFER has a strong relationship with our headquartered institution, Texas Tech University, and as such have participated in their program Legacy U. This program focuses on alumni and their children to foster community relationships and share STEM knowledge with the students.

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