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Advisory Boards & Councils

Provides guidance and feedback to CASFER leadership on the scientific impact and technical viability of the projects and their progress.

CASFER Government Liaison Board

Assists in informing and promoting CASFER’s vision and projects to stakeholders and help keep CASFER apprised of local, state and federal initiatives to leverage the impact of its projects.

Council of Deans

Comprised of the deans of each partner institution, the board provides administrative support to CASFER and help facilitates CASFER convergent work across the lead and the and core institutions.

Industrial Partner Advisory Board

Advises on the relevance and quality of ongoing projects and the project’s viability to be accepted and used in the field.

Provides guidance and feedback on the impact of CASFER's EWD and DCI programs.

Society Visionary Champions Board

Comprised of individuals or organizations who give and/or philanthropically support CASFER.

Graduate and undergraduate students from each CASFER partner institution who liaise with CASFER leadership to integrate students’ needs and perceptions.

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