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Lizanne DeStefano, PhD

Engineering Workforce Development Co-Director;

Diversity & Culture of Inclusion Co-Director

Dr. Lizanne DeStefano is a Professor of Psychology, and the Executive Director of the Center for Education Integrating Science, Mathematics, & Computing (CEISMC) at Georgia Institute of Technology. She was recently appointed to the NSF STEM Education Advisory Panel and is a invited founding member of the College of Reviewers for the NSF’s Big Idea: Growing Convergence Research (GCR). 

Her research interests include the evaluation and sustainability of innovative STEM, as well as other, educational programs; multi-site initiatives; and programs serving special populations, such as students with disabilities or those at-risk for academic failure. She is engaged in efforts that improve the quality of teaching and the student experience, such as the Commission on Creating the Next in Education. Dr. DeStefano is a former special education teacher and a clinical and school psychologist. 

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