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Behnaz Jafari

SLC President

Behnaz Jafari is a Ph.D. student in the Chemical Engineering department of Texas Tech University. Her research focuses on the engineering of graphene-modified substrates for different applications using a novel electrochemical method. As part of her research, she is investigating the antibacterial activity of modified fabrics with graphene/metal nanocomposites. She is also exploring the performance of graphene membranes for ammonia recovery from wastewater. Apart from graphene applications, she has experience in the design and development of electrochemical sensors, electrochemical recovery of rare earth metals from coal, and hydrogen generation and wastewater treatment using microbial electrolysis cells.

Behnaz is a founding member and the current president of the CASFER Student Leadership Council (SLC). As the SLC president, she is dedicated to organizing events for the CASFER students such as educational and cultural outreach programs, safety training, poster competitions, and seminars, etc.

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