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Ehsan Abbasi

Events Lead

Ehsan earned a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering from Sahand University of Technology in Tabriz, Iran, where he conducted research on the synthesis and characterization of nanostructure catalysts during his undergraduate studies. Following graduation, Ehsan joined contacting company KCCEC and worked as a quality assurance engineer at Sabiya Power Plant in Kuwait for a year.

Ehsan then pursued a Master’s degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Milan, where he focused on the application of Mxene and g-C3N4 in CO2 photo-reduction. Currently, he is a Ph.D. student in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas Tech and a member of the sludge electrolysis team at CASFER. The primary objective of this project is to recover valuable nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus from sludge and convert them into more useful compounds such as ammonia.

Overall, Ehsan’s academic and professional background showcases his expertise in chemical engineering, with a specific focus on research and application in industrial setting. Ehsan currently serves as the CASFER SLC Events Lead.

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