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Elizabeth Biddinger

Scientific Advisory Board

Elizabeth J. Biddinger is an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at The City College of New York and Deputy Director of the Center for Decarbonizing Chemical Manufacturing Using Sustainable Electrification (DC-MUSE). Her research interests are in electrochemical reaction engineering for green chemistry and energy. In particular, she is interested in the electrification of chemical processes that transform wastes or renewable resources into valuable materials, chemicals and fuels for decarbonization and sustainability, and in alternative electrolytes for battery safety and performance. Professor Biddinger has been recognized with the 2022 The Ohio State University College of Engineering Texnikoi Outstanding Alumni Award, 2018 US Department of Energy Early Career Award, 2016-2017 Electrochemical Society - Toyota Young Investigator Fellowship, and 2014 CUNY Junior Faculty Research Award in Science and Engineering (J-FRASE) sponsored by the Sloan Foundation.


Professor Biddinger has held several leadership roles with professional organizations including The Electrochemical Society (ECS) Industrial Electrochemistry & Electrochemical Engineering (IE&EE) Division Secretary/Treasurer and Student & Early Career Awards Chair, and an American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) Catalysis and Reaction Engineering Division Director. She is also an Associate Editor of ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering. Prior to joining City College in August 2012, Prof. Biddinger was a Post-doctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology.  She received her PhD in 2010 in Chemical Engineering from The Ohio State University and her BS in 2005 in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University. 

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